What are your opening days, times and holidays?
Days: Sunday-Thursday
Times: 9am-3pm (2.30pm on Thursdays)
Holidays: Last few days of Ramadhan, several days for the 2 Eids and some Egyptian holidays that do not conflict with Islam

What are the school and bus fees?
School: 725LE

What are the age limits for the school?
Kindergarten: from 2 years onwards
Boys: From ~5 years to 16 years
Girls: From ~5 years to 20 years

How do you transport children?
We use a variety of vehicles for transporting children to and fro from the school. We have a 29 seater bus that transports children from Rehab and a 14 seater microbus transporting children from Madinat an Nasr. Please note that you do not have to use our transportation and are free to bring children by your own means of transport.

What is your disciplinary procedure?
Daar ul Furqaan spends a lot of time training teachers on how to discipline children. We believe that children should not be shouted at the first instance of any wrong doings. Maybe the child did not know that it was a wrong thing to say or to do. There should be a gradual level in how to discipline children from a gentle calm talk on rectifying the actions of the naughty child to a more severe level of punishing the child with such as prevention from break and recreational activities, standing against the wall etc. Our policy has always been not to use physical punishments and we have refused to use this means even when instructed by parents. However recently, after careful consideration, we revered this policy on a trial basis for several children at the request of their parents. The outcome of the trial was very good and not only the children involved were behaving and studying much more better but it had a very good impact on the rest of the children as well. It must be noted that during the trial we only had to use the punishment several times in the space of several months. Our policy before was to expel the children that we had exhausted our efforts using non physical means. Our policy now is to use physical punishments for certain children that we feel it will work on and only after consulting with their parents. This applies to boys only and we never use physical punishments on girls.