Please take a few moments to see what the parents have to say about the school.

Since enrolling my children in Daar ul Furqaan, they have memorized a significant portion of the Quran. With memorization occupying the most substantial portion of the curriculum, the Quran has quickly become the central focus around which my children’s lives revolve.
The children memorize new verses daily whilst review and revision are not neglected. The constant testing by the teachers has ensured that the children’s’ progression is monitored and the parents remain informed via the report book which is filled in daily by the teachers.

In addition to memorization the children have benefited from Arabic language studies and by insisting that only the use of classical Arabic is permitted, students quickly become competent and confident in the use of the language, being able to express themselves with ease.

The curriculum of Daar ul Furqaan also teaches the essentials of Islam and I have found that this component contains very useful lessons for the children on mattes relating to the hajj or Salaat for example. These components really imbue the children with an Islamic identity.

Aside from the Islamic component the children enjoy the recreational activities and experience which range from relaxing in the swimming pool during the hot summer months to riding and petting the horses throughout the rest of the year.

Overall the children really enjoy attending the school and as parents we are very grateful to the owner Abu Hafs for his efforts in bringing his vision to reality and to the teachers for their hard work and concern.
May Allah reward them all and continue to improve the school – Ameen.
Br Fuad, 7th April 2013

Im really happy to be asked to write what i think and feel about the school dar al-furqhan.My first thoughts on visiting and my children attending the school was the religious & calm atmosphere & enviroment from management, right down to the loving care of many farm animals.

I was pleased to enrole my children within the school & they have been going there now for many years, and as a parent i have felt very safe to leave my children in their hands.

My children have made steady progress in their studies & have a picked up a closeness & good interaction with nature, they would not have gained at other schools, as they I myself take advantage of this clean, organic healthy lifestyle, by taking my whole family to the in house swimming pool & jacuzzi were my wife & daughter feel safe to swim & relax, whilst im cooking up a real good barbeque.

I must say ive ordered the best tasting organic eggs & poultry ive ever tasted, by far & will continue to do so.
Keep up the good work, your committed attitude towards pupil education & upbringing & the environment
is really paying off. Well done.