Quran_by_passion_artSince Daar ul Furqaan is a Quran centre, a lot of time is dedicated to teaching the Quran. Unlike other centres, we place a lot of emphasis on the revision (muraijah) of the Quran. We believe that the biggest challenge in memorising the Quran is not actually in being able to memorise but in trying to retain what has been memorised. Memorising a page of the Quran is relatively easy and some of our students can do that in 5 minutes. However being able to retain this page over a long period of time is a completely different story. So the important factor is the quality of the Quraan that has being memorised and not the quantity. It is a very sad fact that the majority of the students that arrive at our school have been very complacent in revising the Quraan and have spent nearly all of their time in memorising the Quraan.

By the Grace of Allah (swt), we have devised our own unique Daar ul Furqaan method of revision of the Quraan using a 3-directional approach in order to rectify the above deficiency in the student’s Quraan.  We also employ collective class recitation with the teacher as well as on computers using a dedicated Quran learning program. In addition, the last week of every month is dedicated to the revision of the Quraan that has being acquired in the first 3 weeks of the month (both memorised and revised) and no new Quran is given in this week. These factors strengthen the Quran that has being revised by our students.

Quran 2

We do not teach Quran to children in groups except in group recitations. We realise that children are not the same and have different abilities so therefore they need to learn the Quraan at their own pace rather than at the pace of the group. All our students memorise and revise the Quraan on an individual basis.

Daar ul Furqaan has aimed to teach the Quran in a variety of different ways suitable for different age groups. For example children who cannot read from the Quran follow a triangular path of learning. In the beginning they read behind a dedicated group computer, after which each student is taken in turn by the teacher to give the new Quran as well as to listen to the revision of the Quran. After the student has finished with the teacher, he or she is placed on a dedicated individual computer to revise the new Quran given. After this they are returned once again to the first stage. We have tried to move away from the common way of a child sitting in one place all day reading from the Quran.