Arabic_Syntax_Lesson_3_Learn_Arabic_online_Learn_Real_Arabic_Arabic Language_Haytham_IbrahimOur Arabic syllabus is broken into 10 different levels incorporating a mixture of well know texts such as Kitaab al-Assasey and Imaam Ibn Saud. We also have 9 levels for the Arabic grammar. We are currently in the process of designing our own dedicated Arabic program that will be geared for children. We have so far completed level one, reading and writing, which has being introduced into the school with great success. And All thanks is to Allah (swt). This level is dedicated for children that cannot read from the Quraan and was devised from researching many well know texts such as Qaidah al Nooraniya, Noor al-Bayan etc.  This unique program equips children with  reading and writing skills and is presented in a child friendly approach with pictures, puzzles and writing excersies.

Daar ul Furqaan believes that it is of uttermost importance for its students to be able to read and write from the Quraan at the earliest opportunity. For this reason, students who are not able to read or write from the Quraan are taught level 1 during the Arabic session irrespective of their level in Quraan or spoken Arabic. We believe that not being able to read from the Quraan handicaps students and prevents them from being self relient thereby making them dependent upon others to help them with memorisation or with revision.  We also believe that it is important for students to write what they are memorising as this, from our point of view, is a very good way to strengthen the memorisation.