Daar ul Furqaan subjects
We specialise in teaching the Quraan but also teach the Arabic language and Islamic science subjects (Hajj, Fasting, Fiqh, Hadith, Seerah, Tajweed, Aqeedah, Adaab, Adkhaar  and Ikhlaaq). There are other subjects such as the classical texts tuhfatul atfaal and sulaam wasool which are also taught to younger children.

In addition, we emphasise on suitable adkhaars for children such as adkhaars for entering and leaving the house,  adkhaars for entering and leaving the toilet, adkhaars before and after eating etc. To make the school appealing to the children as well as to give them a chance to take some exercise and develop skills, we provide them with a recreational session on a daily basis. During this period, children can do a range of activities such as sports, aerobic excerises, horse riding, feeding animals at the pet centre, cooking, knitting etc.

It is very important for children to learn and understand the material that is taught to them  and then be able to show this understanding. Therefore regular examinations are carried out in the school in all subjects as shown below. We rewards children for good marks but also punish children who do not pass the examinations. Students who regularly fail examinations may be expelled from the school.

Oral and written (if able) tests are carried out on the last school day of every month. The last week of the month is dedicated to revision of the Quraan that has been memorised or revised during the first 3 weeks and an exam is conducted on this quantity on the last school ay of the month.

Students are tested at the end of each level and must pass the exam in order to progress on to the next level  otherwise the level must be repeated again.

Islamic Sciences
This subject is tested both orally and written at the completion of each subject. In some situations, a practical examination, if appropriate, is also conducted.

Homework is given on a daily basis. Children revise and memorise Quraan at school but also need either to finish it off or to strengthen it at home. Written homework from the Quraan is also given. Children are punished for not doing their homework by not being allowed to go for break and instead they will have to sit and complete their homework. Please note that parents also need to put in effort at home and to make sure that their children do all of their homework. Simply relying exclusively on the school may not yield the desired results.