School Location

How to get to the school.
We are near the main entrance of Madinat Badr as you enter from the Suez Road. Please head for the Suez road if coming from Madinat Nasr or Rehab and head towards Madinatey. You will pass the following cities/landmarks in order as you pass Rehab;
-The graveyards on your right
-Madeenatey on your left
-Madinat Sharooq on your right
-Madinat helioplis on your left (under construction, will see the main gate)
Signs for madinat Badr

Approaching Madinat Badr from Suez road
Madinat Badr will be on the opposite side of the road, on your right hand side, when you approach from the direction of Rehab or Madinat Nasr. Go pass the city and then after about 200m you will see a turning in the road to get onto the other side of the road. When you enter the main entrance, you will see the structure as shown in picture xxx. Carry on and you will pass on your right a security checkpoint. Continue further and you will approach the 2nd security checkpoint. Take this right and tell the security staff that you are visiting “Daar ul Furqaan Quraan school” or “Abu Hafsah”. Take the 1st right after the security checkpoint and follow the road and you will see a yellowish villa with blue windows, in front of you and slightly to your left. This is the school.

Daar ul Furqaan – Badr City

Ustaad Ahmad Faraj, Supervisor (+20) 1117252579- Arabic only
Abu Hafsah, Director of school, (+20) 1115431320- English & Arabic
Qitaa 63, Al-Hay Al Mutamayaz, Madinat Badr, Egypt.