Daar ul Furqaan is an Islamic centre for children, opened in 2007, that specialises in teaching the Glorious Quraan with the Arabic language and Islamic Science subjects also incorporated in the curriculum.  We are based in Egypt and registered with Al-Azhar, license number 8267.

At Daar ul Furqaan we have spared no expense to create a fun learning environment for our students and have tried to be more than just a Quraan centre. We believe that in order to install love of the Quraan in the hearts of the children, you have to make them love the place that they are studying and make it into a fun loving environment. The children will then make an association between memorising of the Quraan and fun.  A place where Quraan is memorised does not have to be boring like it is commonly misunderstood with an Imaam branding a stick at 50 odd pupils. Our aim has to been to make the school as lovable as possible to the children. We have gone overboard in our attempts and continue to think of new ideas. Below are some of the ways that we have done this.

– We have constructed an animal centre at the school housing chickens, ducks, swans, turkeys, pigeons etc. Children are encouraged to visit the centre on a regular basis and to feed them.
-Horses and carts for children to ride (to be introduced in April 2012 inshAllah)
-swimming pool and jucuzzi
-Plantation area
-Gym for aerobics, volleyball, badminton and basketball
-Boxing room with 3 punch bags
-Crafts and other skills for children, such as cooking, knitting etc
-Table tennis
-Daily planner and reward scheme. We have designed a daily planner for our students where everything that is carried out in the school is recorded such as the material studied, behaviour of the child, recreational activities etc. The daily planner is coupled with our unique reward scheme for our students where points are given for good work and for good behaviour. The harder the student works, the more points are achieved. At the completion of the planner, the points are summed up and prizes are given with the quality of prize based on the amount of points. This encourages children to excel in their learning as well as to compete with each other.

School sections
Boys school
Girls school
Roadah al Furqaan -Kindergaretn
The school kindergarten is located on the 2nd floor and is closed off from the rest of the school with breaks and activities at different times so that it does not clash with the rest of the school. The timetable is geared towards younger children and consists of all of the subjects taught at the school coupled with regular play activities and crafts. The program also has a slot for Arabic cartoons on satellite thanks to a large LCD TV set that has been installed in the room. The TV set with Quraan channels, a PC and a laptop are all used to aid the children in memorising and revising the Quraan as well as to help with their spoken Arabic.

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